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Welcome to Play Girlz icons! A community created for posting your After School graphics.
Before posting, please read the rules, follow the tagging system and if you have any questions pm a mod!
Thank you ♥
1) Be nice.
2) When posting icons, only post 4 outside a cut.
3) Post at least one, but no more than four teaser images.
3.a) If you're posting graphics other than icons, please use a thumbnail version. Anything bigger than 300px wide needs to go behind a cut.
4) If you're linking to an outside comm, keep it public for at least a day before locking it so that people have a chance to grab icons without joining a million and one graphics comms.
5) You are free to post entire batches of icons here if you like. Please post all but 4 icons behind an lj-cut.
6) Advertising is allowed, but please PM a mod or drop a comment on a random mod post to ask permission.
7) Tag. Tag. Tag. Mods will clean up after you, but always leave a comment reminding you to tag your own entries in the future. Tags are already created so just choose from the list.
8) If you have a question, ask a mod. We don't bite. Promise.